5 Jobs You Can Get With An It Degree

You’ve heard it all before: The Internet is booming, and with it the IT industry. However, all the hype doesn’t necessarily tell you what you want to know: what kind of a future you will have with an information technology degree. Here are five jobs you can get with an IT degree.

  • Technical Support: Technical support personnel provide assistance with confusing or complicated technical systems. The customer might need help with their personal computer, or their business’s computer network. Technical support’s job is to diagnose the problem, usually over the phone or the Internet via an instant messenger program, and explain to the customer how to troubleshoot the problem step-by-step.

Because technical support personnel work remotely to diagnose and fix computer and software glitches, often with frustrated or irritable customers, they need to be highly qualified for the job. An information technology degree ensures that you know computer systems well enough to correctly diagnose the problem, saving time and further frustration on the customer’s part.

Keep in mind that technical support personnel also need to be good with people. You will need patience for dealing with impatient, frustrated customers, as well as the ability to translate your technical knowledge into terms the average customer will understand.

  • Computer Programmer: Computer programmers need more computer skills and less people skills than technical support personnel, since most of their work is done with the computer alone. A computer programmer needs an information technology degree because he or she needs to be well versed in all aspects of modern computer technology, in particular the various programming languages that are currently used.
  • Technical Consultant: Because companies hire technical consultants on a contract basis, this job grants you the freedom of working for yourself. As an added bonus, consultants also generally command a high hourly rate.

As a technical consultant, companies will hire you to perform specific jobs, such as setting up or performing work on the company’s computer network. In this capacity, an information technology degree will be invaluable, as it gives you credibility and makes companies feel confident about contracting your services.

  • Database Administrator: Many companies, especially large companies, require huge databases in order to manage and store all of their data. These companies usually have one or more database administrators on staff, or work with administrators on a contract basis. As a database administrator, an IT degree ensures that you are up-to-date on modern technology such as Oracle, SQL, and other similar platforms.
  • Information Technology Instructor: As long as there are plenty of IT jobs to go around, there will also be a demand for instructors. Getting your information technology degree also allows you to turn around and use it to teach other students who are interested in breaking into the industry.

An information technology degree opens up many doors. The IT industry is booming and the number of jobs is always increasing. The five jobs listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Our society’s dependence on computers and the Internet means job security for anyone with an IT degree, not to mention high salary potential. Be sure to look into the possibilities. Getting your information technology degree just might be the best thing for your career that you’ve ever done.